Honey and Silk (2011)

A large installation that was a sensory and emergent piece which used only natural materials and simple craft techniques. The outcome was a cloud of rain that induced smell, texture, sound and the ephemeral. Your can witness the process of interaction significantly over a number a days. Here is the first from opening night. Five days…

Creative Learning at McManus

As a freelance creative learning educator at McManus Art Gallery and Museum in Dundee, I deliver family orientated workshops at McManus Art Gallery and Museum and The Mills Observatory.


A project based on the bark of a tree using a wood like fabric – jute. Jute is also  heavily associated with Dundee, where the sculpture was made.

Land Art

As site specific installation in West Ireland using seaweed. Designed in the shape of a spiral to connect the land with its Celtic heritage/culture. Designed in colloboration with Elizabeth Gracey.  


Using copper leaf and fabric, the piece was buried underground for 2 months to explore material transformation.  

Resin (2014)

European Open Heritage Days 2014 – Garden of Senses, Palace Demesne, Co. Armagh A participatory and temporal floor installation installed with the grounds of the Garden of Senses that is designed to last only the duration of the weekend exhibition. The floor installation comprises powdered tree in a decorative and delicate design reflecting the grounds…

Cause May (2014)

Interactive Installation with honeycomb, powder and Himalayan pink salt. Each of the materials is reflected in the textures background which represents the hive, stalagmites and the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.          This group show is the result of an attempt to explore strategies in which such a diverse group, with practices…

Dundee Light Night

Betsey the Dragon I was involved with the Dundee Light Night Festival in November 2012. Working with St Joseph’s school children, the Brownies and with artist Kirsty Doig to create Betsey the Smoke Blowing Dragon! It was commissioned by Dundee City Council to go towards the events of the turning on the Christmas Lights. If you can…

National Street Choir Festival (2012)

I was commissioned to create a large scale installation for the concert hall, banners and masks with two other community artists for The National Street Choir Festival held in Manchester, England. The Festival lasted over a July weekend bringing hundreds of national choirs to bring an array of music from jazz, blues, musicals, African to traditional Celtic or nomadic music. Here are the…


Smellscapes: An Olfactory Installation Dundee – Various Locations Performing Worlds Symposium 18th July 2012 Aim of the Project Participation is often created with the acknowledgement and willingness of its viewer. However within my practice, participation is not technically a choice. This is because my work is steered towards sensory and bodily engagement and not contemplative behaviour….